Well, well, well.. It has been quite some time! **NOTE*** I have purchased this blog URL so for those of you who may have the Semester in Parisdise saved you may need to update to the new one I bought, (this one).


These past few months, who am I kidding, these past few years have been quite busy as I neared the end of my Business Management degree. Friends, it’s official, I am a 2015 graduate wahoo!!! These past few weeks have been intense. I made preparations for a wonderful graduation party on the day of graduation and ended up surrounded by all of my family, friends and loved ones. It has been a long 6 years of schooling for me and I am beyond happy to be DONE!! Thank you to everyone who came and made graduation so special, thank you for all of the support! I am a little behind on the graduation “Thank You’s” but I promise I will have those out within the next week. For those of you who may not be connected with me on Facebook here are some pictures from my special day!

IMG_3143 Before I walked, excited and nervous!


After I walked, who’s ready to party!?

IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3173 IMG_3168 IMG_3166 IMG_3169 IMG_3167

Party DECOR! My theme was travel.. of course 🙂


Graduation invitations I made!


Last minute cap decorating ❤

Family and Friends ❤

IMG_3199 IMG_3180 IMG_3205 IMG_3203 IMG_3202

The party doesn’t stop there. I was able to walk in May with the notion I still had 2 summer classes to finish up SO in other words I have been in school since graduation day :/. I finished a 2 week class at the end of May and began my capstone class, Strategic Management the beginning of June. Good news, I am halfway done with that class. Bad news, it’s a level 600 class combined in 4 weeks so I’ve been lacking sleep, energy, quiet time and all of the above the past few weeks. BUT for those of you who may not know, I am heading off to Italy for the summer in 2 short weeks!! HAPPY GRADUATION TO ME! I am going to live in the beautiful port/sea side town of Genoa for 6 weeks as an au pair (nanny). After about 6 weeks of au pairing I will then backpack Europe for 2 weeks! I just purchased my Eurail train ticket, special thanks to Rick Steves, and am beyond excited for my next adventure.

Check back for more! I will be updating again soon,




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