Well, we meet again! I believe my last blog was a little over a week ago so I will try and get you up to speed. The rest of my week went by quick as I finished the last class of my college career and began packing! Words cannot explain my excitement for this accomplishment!!! I. AM. DONE. My plans got jumbled around a bit as I was supposed to leave for Europe on Saturday. But I ended up hopping the pond Sunday and arrived in London Monday early afternoon. I must say, 9 hour flights stink but surprisingly enough I ended up getting 4-5 hours of sleep which really helped the jet lag. Got checked into my wonderful hotel at Flemings Mayfair Hotel and had a lovely stay. The room was very luxurious and the staff was impeccable which made for a very nice 24 hour stay before my journey to Italy. After a nice shower I ended up laying down and napping for 2 hours, I was exhausted. Dinner time rolled around and I forced myself out of bed to go explore London a bit. Unfortunately, I did not get to see much being that my flight left the following day, Tuesday, at 12:30pm and the airport was an hour outside of London. Arrived to the airport in the knick of time and caught my flight to Italy! On the way we flew over the Swiss Alps, absolutely breath taking!

Swiss Alps


My wonderful family picked me up at the airport with this



We then came to their flat and settled in, hung out on the patio and rested before dinner. They took me for my first Italian meal and of course guess what I had…



Followed by a wonderful fruit salad and then…. My first Italian



Where we got Gelato just so happened to be at Genoa’s famous beach! So beautiful ❤


I was pretty exhausted between the jet lag and all of the change. But as we were walking back we came upon a crowd of people with telescopes. After some digging we found out that they were all looking at 2 large “stars” in the sky. These “stars” happen to be Venus and Jupiter, it was amazing!


Venus is the bigger dot on the bottom, Jupiter is above. HOW COOL!

After tossing and turning all night (time difference problems, Italy is 7 hours ahead of Kansas) Filippo (my little buddy) and I headed off to the pool/sea for the day. Being outside for 7 hours as the “introduction” to summer for my skin was not the best idea. I have the redness/burn to prove it! White girl problems..


Isn’t he just the cutest?! Super fun and ornery!


Feet in the Mediterranean

After some serious people watching I have come to many conclusions. I was the tallest and the whitest (pale) one at the pool/sea, also definitely the only American around, every male you see wears a speedo for a swimsuit (imagine that), not knowing much Italian extremely puts a damper on friendships lol but needless to say a nice, lovely day! My Italian mom came to get us at 6:30pm and I showered, lathered myself in After Sun and Alessandra (Italian mom) made a simple, yet wonderful tuna, mozzarella and tomato salad. Who would have thought?! Of course we then finished with gelato and a movie.

Now I am in bed, writing this blog and getting sleepy!


So on Friday I am off to ROMA! Will update after the trip with many pictures. Looks like it will be a hot one here…

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Definitely will miss being on the lake this year ❤



Until next time,




We Meet Again

I must say it has been quite some time. This time of year brings back many memories of my semester in Paris, being the sole reason I begun my blogging journey in the 1st place. After months of classes and attending to a normally pretty busy life, I have decided to give it another GO! I am currently working on ideas for my new blog which will include traveling information and tips, we all know how much I love to travel, and all around life experience, which if you are close to me you know that is something I can’t help but share!

Because I am natural born open book, referring to my desire to tell each of you about my life, where shall we start? AH! Random fact of the day, my Monday was SPECTACULAR! Not only is Wichita State off to the Sweet 16 after beating KU last night, no offense to my fellow KU blog readers I have nothing against KU, but I went and picked up my cap and gown today! YEP, graduation is less than 2 months away and that makes for one happy chick! Speaking of that, I will need addresses and if you know you are someone I would/will invite to my graduation and party, send it on over!

Right now I am busy finishing up the last 7 weeks of classes, is this real life?! I am also contracting work with a few businesses in town for Marketing and Social Media. I have been working with Communities in Schools of Wichita/Sedgwick County since October and have had a blast working in Public Relations, Social Media and Event Planning/Fundraising! Now that graduation is near I have been considering the next “big” thing in my life. A frequent question I have been getting “What do you want to do after graduation?” I have been doing a lot of soul searching and trying to figure out what exactly it is that I want to do. I have applied for film industry jobs, thought in depth about starting my own business, considered au pair jobs living abroad, tried to find information on how to get paid to travel and I must say the list is endless! There are so many things I want to do now that I will be finished with school soon. The real question is, where to start. I guess my whole ordeal is that I don’t want to do just any one thing, I want to live life to the fullest, I want to experience it all and continue to find my truest self doing so. Most of all no matter what it is I do I want to Make A Difference ❤

Until next time… soon 🙂