In 2012 after some intense research, talking with my advisor and getting advice from my mom, I decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, studying in Paris for a semester. After a year and a half of working my butt off in school to get my GPA up, taking 2 semesters worth of French, applying and getting accepted to the program, getting my Visa to study abroad, and starting a blog for my adventure here you have, PARIS. So leaving my family and friends behind, I was on my way to EUROPE! I make it sound easy right?! Truth is, anything is easy if you want it bad enough.

Thus far this was one of the biggest goals I had set for myself and it ended up being a dream come true! With hard work, dedication, passion and a love for adventure I set off for Paris January 28, 2014.

Feel free to check out the posts I created along my journey. The journey begins with “Preparations” before I leave and then finishes with “May” and my arrival back home.


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