What a lovely Saturday afternoon in Wichita to be cozying up to the fire in my Shockers sweatshirt and my baggy sweat pants with a cat on my lap as I type out my 2nd blog! Already almost to 100 views in just 2 short days. Thank you thank you thank you for all of the love and well wishes! Took me a few minutes to start writing this, as I was enjoying Snickers (my cat) cuddling up on me (and partly sitting on my computer), I was taking in every second of the now and realizing how much I was going to miss being here. The comfort of being at my mom’s new house on a dreary day with no worry in the world 🙂 I moved in with my mom the end of November, my lease was up and this gave me some extra time to save some money and enjoy spending time with her. We have so much fun together I am blessed to have a mom, best friend and soul mate all in one! She is definitely the spaghetti to my meatballs and as some of you know I make some pretty good spaghetti haha!

As I sat here thinking of the things I was going to miss, tears started rolling down my face. I am not usually a crier but I know through the next 3 weeks as I say my “see you laters” that may become more of a daily thing. Not only is this experience exciting but there has been quite a bit of emotional processing that I have been through and will continue to go through as I make this big change. Moving out of my “comfort zone” to a whole new country, 4700 miles away from what I call home can be sad. This emotional process is a huge step for me though. Letting go of things and letting life happen is one thing this experience has taught me. Along with the excitement of experiencing the new, being in a new place and having no idea where life will take me this semester is kind of thrilling!

Today I have spent some time making a to do and to ask list. I plan to meet up with Sheradin on Monday and get a lot of info and guidance from her (told you it was a lot Sheradin lol) This list is everything to figure out before I leave just so I can make sure I am on the right track and that I have everything I need or a plan to get it. Most of this is my to do list so yes this process is NEVER ending. Thanks to Pinterest I think I can now pack like a pro for a 5 month voyage. However, I have NO idea how to open a French bank or get a French social security card and half of the paperwork I receive I cannot understand (all in FLUENT French, remember I am a beginner). Although, thank goodness for lists and writing things down! Definitely nice for the constant spin of questions in my head to now be on paper. I am sure there will be more 🙂

photo (1)

So while many of you have asked about being excited here lies the truth. In my blogs I vow to tell you the truth and they will always come from the depths of my heart and soul. Like I previously stated this blog is going to be my journal, my diary and my memories. What better way than to share them with the people I love the most! Best of wishes to you all.



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