Just checking in

Sorry fellow blog readers but I figured I would give you a little break from reading while we got the work week started! Plus I am rather pleased to say that not much has gone on the past few days so I have thoroughly been enjoying that! I did however get to meet with Sheradin on Monday night and today for lunch as well. It was the first time we have actually met but spent over 2 hours Monday just chatting away. She told me a lot of stories from her trip abroad and even gave me a ton of helpful tidbits. From what to expect in classes to even directions on the Metro, which I might add right now the Metro seems a bit MUCH! I am a Kansas girl, born and raised. Around here we all have cars and started driving at the age of 13-14 and before that our parents took us everywhere. I must say the only time this girl has rode a train or “metro” was in New York City this past Summer and mom and I even managed to get lost doing that hehe! So maps, Google and more maps will surely help a girl out when I get there.

Thank goodness for Sheradin, I posted a picture the other day with questions I had and she helped guide/direct me through each one! That helped put my mind at ease with all of the constant wondering. This process is ultimately helping me just let go of the desire for control and instead let things happen. That is hard when you are trying to make sure you have a place to stay when you get overseas, making sure you have everything that is needed documents wise, your classes are picked out, knowing then where to go and when classes even start…sheesh! It has all been kind of mysterious and thrilling though and like I said this helps me step back, relax and accept that France just does not work the same way we do which is all apart of the experience. See mom, already learning so much and I am not even there 😉

Tomorrow I am off to Viva Las Vegas to the CES show. CES stands for Consumer Electronic Show and it is the biggest Electronic show Internationally so HOLLA! No my dad actually gets free tickets since he is a dealer for Car Audio and Vegas is by far one of my favorite U.S. cities so why not a last little HOORAH!? I leave tomorrow AM and will be in Sin City by Noon and then meet up with my dad at the JL Audio booth which they just so happened to rent out the 2 story villa a top of The Palms which I might add has it’s own pool and patio! Will definitely be posting pictures of the Vegas trip when I return on Sunday.

With my mind at ease I am just counting the days, 18 now to be exact! On Monday we are having a work going away party for me. I am super excited because we are all getting dressed up and everyone will be there 🙂 I love my job and will definitely be sad to leave. Over the past year we have all become family but it is nice knowing family is always in heart no matter how far away! So here’s to all of the crazy times we have had and the times to come.

Short and sweet but I am off to hot yoga, talk to you soon!


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