Pinch Me

Over a year and a half ago I decided to embark on this adventure. Now after months and months of preparation from paperwork to research and even to emotional and spiritual prep work I can now say in a mere 12 hours my mom and I will be boarding that plane heading to Paris! EEEEKKKKKK. Someone pinch me!!

As most of you know I have been “down, out of service, or just plain out of it” for a good 4 days last week. Having appendicitis 5 days before your original date to leave is not how I thought my week would pan out. Like I stated in my last post I am so incredibly thankful for so much. From the wonderful care, to my mom and dad being such a big help and then a remarkable recovery I am one blessed lady. I can now say after working all that air out of my system from surgery and literally sleeping last week away I am 100% and I could not be happier! I stopped taking the medication Saturday night and have been off of Ibuprofen since early Sunday morning. The only irritation I have now are the incisions and still a little achy around my midsection.

Like I said I slept most of last week and did not get out of the house until Saturday when my mom and I drove to Wilson, Ks for my great grandpas funeral. He was a great great man but he is in a better place and reunited with his beloved wife. He will be missed dearly.. I was happy to be able to see all of my family because before this happened I was not sure who all I was going to get to see before I left, if any! Got lots of good luck and best of wishes as well as hope you get feeling better. I must say I was kind of out of it since I was still on the meds but all in all given the circumstances it was a good time with family. Saturday night I felt up to par (enough) at least to go out to dinner with my dad, grandma and Lori as my going away dinner. I picked Newport Grille because I love their scallops! We had a great time and it was nice to chat and enjoy each other’s company although they do tend to worry about my trip and me, DAD I will be fine šŸ™‚

It was nice to be off of my medicine yesterday because mom and I got a lot of stuff done for me to go. In these 2 days we have ran a ton of errands, packed, had appointments, made last minute arrangements and everything else! Definitely glad I had my energy to be able to do that, needless to say I am tired but I had a lot to get off of my mind before I go to sleep šŸ™‚ Speaking of packing I have no idea how I am fitting 5 months of my life in 2 suitcases and a carry on! SHEESH. I just hope they do not weigh over 50 pounds but it was actually not as hard as I thought it would be either. I have a suitcase for my necessities (everyday bag) and a bag literally just filled with clothing. In my carry on are my electronics, chargers, a couple books for the plane and my paperwork. I have researched for quite some time on how to pack for studying abroad and I think I nailed it. My style is a little bit different then the ones I have found online but I may have actually ended up with more (#) items then they packed. Hope that does not bite me in the butt when I need to bring it all home!

20140127-235341.jpg Black, black and more black. It’s the Parisian way!

I will try to take pictures of each “group” of what I packed when I arrive and get settled in so people who travel abroad can kind of get an idea. That would also come in handy to do when I leave Paris seeing as how some things I may wear some things I may not as much but that is on my to-do list so be sure to check back if interested!

Today I had breakfast with my dad, a few appointments and then met with my little sister. For those of you who do not know, I am apart of Big Brothers Big Sisters and have been matched with my little sis for over 2 years. I love her as if she were my real sister and am so thankful to have had this opportunity. For the time being she has chosen to stay with me while I am gone, this will help the process for whoever has gone through the legal work of being involved with this corporation. I took her to get her nails done and then gave her a few gifts to remind her of me and of us. One of them included a bag full of fortune cookies. You are probably thinking “how unusual” but one of our favorite restaurants to go to, and let alone my favorite, is Wok Hey (Chinese). It was totally relevant and she just laughed. So now she can open a fortune anytime she misses me or is having a hard time etc. Before she left we opened one together and I just laughed at mine. See below

20140128-000331.jpg I giggled because in more than one way each day I am shown that I have my spirits, angels, God and beyond watching over me. With me it really is the little things in life ā¤ So thankful

Came home tonight and had a nice hearty meal with my mom for my “last” American meal and of course that included meat, sorry to any vegetarian readers. We had roast beast, I mean roast beef. Although the meat was more of a beast to chew (mom and I got a kick out of it) it was such a good meal. Mashed potatoes, corn and croissants along with our roast beef and gravy mmmm mmmm America lol. We then started putting all of my clothes in my suitcase and since my mom went and got me a big suitcase today we ended up not really having to modify the way we packed versus how many clothes I had to be packed, phew. My friend Katie also stopped by with a nice little going away gift, thank you, and a little of our lovely chats! Now I am showered, actually laying in bed and have to wake up in 7 hours.. My goal is to be tired though because I want to be able to sleep on the plane seeing as how the plane in Minneapolis leaves at 5:15pm but gets to Paris at 8:35am which is actually 1:35am Wichita time and typically my bedtime. So I need to be able to go to bed at about 7pm tomorrow smhhh. So sweet dreams bloggers, and I will talk to you soon.

All my love and gratitude


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