Moving In

Officially into my dorm! My mom left earlier this morning and even though we have unpacked at my dorm and all I stayed with her in the hotel these past few days. I thoroughly enjoyed her being here and was such a huge help, especially after surgery and all. It was pretty emotional the past 24 hours though, knowing I would be going so long without hanging out and seeing her. For the past 2 months I lived with her up until I left because my lease was up so we got to do everything together. I am officially off on my own now, 4700 miles from home. Bittersweet to say the least. I experience a wide range of feelings from happy to even sad, nervous and beyond. In a lot of ways even though I am 23 I still have those times where I just do not want to grow up am I right? The best things in life are not easy though and it is always worth it.

For the most part I have everything in my room set up and it feels quite a bit more like home but still have some more to get as well. I basically have a bed, a desk, nightstand, lamp, phone, Internet cable, small closet, small fridge, bathroom and shelves. This is all in a cement room from floor to ceiling and a huge window on one wall. The only part is that I am backed up to a busy street so I would not want to have my window open at night for fresh air because it is a little too loud. Tonight I hung with some of the friends I have met in the Cambodge House and we talked for a few hours. Earlier this evening we all went to church and that was an experience! Actually reminded me a lot of the churches I have been to in Kansas because it was very musical and almost rock-like. Surprisingly most of it was in English so I was not expecting that! Went to dinner with a friend and came back to the dorm. Now it is around midnight, the Super Bowl just started and I am missing it! Not the same not being in America but I will definitely be keeping tabs on it. Since my team is out I am going for the Broncos! Hope all my fellow Americans back home enjoy the evening and just be safe ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow I have quite the list of things to do. First things first, open a bank account. Once I have done this I can get a sim card for my cell phone and have International service. I must say that will definitely come in handy seeing as how right now the people I meet we are all just massively messaging each other on Facebook and not having WiFi puts a damper on that as well. I also need to get a Navigo pass which is a monthly pass for the trains and metros, since you literally ride that a few times a day that will be useful. Probably need to finish my paperwork for school tonight or tomorrow, not sure when that will happen because there are just so many requirements! Grocery store is also on the list for tomorrow so I can make some dinners here and have snacks in my dorm. Big thank you to my dad for shipping my French birth certificate when it came after I left! Now I can apply for a housing subsidy and hope for some money back for living expenses, Paris is pretty pricey!

A couple more things I have learned that is different over here, get used to me sharing this because I learn something new everyday lol.

Coke is served with a lemon
Most cars are electric here and they actually shut off when stopped at the stop light
On Sundays taxis are 20% more expensive
Sundays you also get in free to museums, me being Erasmus I always get in free
The grading system here is 0-20 if you get 10-20 you pass and >10 is fail

All the extra tips I could think of for now, just a little update on the life in Paris!

photo (7)
Mom and I at Arc de Triomphe yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk to you soon


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