Inspiration… from ME to YOU <3

As I sit here tonight I decided to look through some of my old pictures. It is crazy how much things change and even within just a couple years you may look back and think that specific moment feels like a lifetime ago. What I found ironic in my pictures was that at the time I posted most of these I was so critical of the way I looked “my arm looks too fat” or “I have a double chin with this angle”. The more technology has enhanced the more atrocity that comes from society and what looks hot or NOT. Well newsflash ladies, about a good 99.99999% of us are not on the cover of those magazines, wearing those size 00 jeans and we actually know what a damn cheeseburger tastes like(my favorite is pizza)! I have grown up my whole entire life caring about being liked, accepted, loved, to be a “cool” kid and more. And yes to get most of those things it required doing just about anything to get that ounce of acceptance and attention to fill that void. Through my short 23.5 years (yes I just added that .5)

I have come to realize that in the long run the only thing, person and so forth that beat me down, was myself. Self love is of such importance these days, and period. I have always said if I did not truly love myself who would? Well I have been working on this the past 3-4 years and I must say I am that much closer to any kind of true love. But here’s the thing ladies and even guys, true love is loving oneself. Having respect for yourself, going for your dreams or let alone even having one, empowering yourself to begin and even continue on the path to one’s higher self and beyond is definitely a start from being free from all the baggage, the unnecessary times you spent using up all kinds of negative energy, let alone the times you spent with the wrong people who did not see your worth because you did not even know your own. About the last statement, I live with no regrets. I have had toxic relationships and overcome toxic situations but all of the above are room for tremendous growth. Sometimes we just have to remember that even through being with the same person who treats you bad or waking up every morning to work at a mediocre job you despise, all it takes is that one ounce of courage to change your life for the better. Whether that be through a friend, mother or even counselor who sees the light in you, we can do great things together.

Change is a fear for most people. Living in the comfort of today or even the comfort of our own past may one day haunt us. It is human nature to yearn for the things, people or places that make us most comfortable but with that comes little growth and expansion of our mind, body and souls. When was the last time you challenged yourself? What about the last time you did something crazy, daring or even out of your “comfort zone”? It is easy to sit back and watch life pass us but people WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT!? What even happened to the passion, the love, the desire, the anticipation, the “spark”??? I would by lying if I were to sit here and tell you that the path to one’s higher self is easy, to be quite honest it is the hardest thing I have ever worked towards. BUT I will tell you this, as soon as I got that little taste of the light, love and even acceptance, I knew from then on there was no turning back for this young woman. All it takes is that one little act of courage, that one situation you are tired of having with that same guy/girl who treats you like dirt, the self pity from living that same mediocre life and even courage through the loss of others. With each hardship comes a path to your highest self, which one will you take?

“There are two ways of spreading light; To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” ❤

Love and light to you all


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