How to Avoid Falling Victim to the Flu

My roommate was recently diagnosed with Influenza A and my immediate reaction was nothing short of panic.

“Mom’s coming to town this weekend, I can’t get sick!”

“I just started my new job, there’s no way I can miss work.”

For those near and dear to me know my detest of sickness. Add a little bit of germaphobia into the mix and it’s bound to be a recipe for disaster, or so I thought. I have been practicing natural healing, self-taught, for a few years now and my immediate reaction to sickness around me is now filled with healthy and natural ways to prevent and heal.

What is natural healing? Natural healing can be described as ‘non-invasive, alternative medicine, or otherwise self-healing.’ Examples of natural healing include and are not limited to: vitamins, specialty doctor care (chiropractor/acupuncture), essential oils, flower essences, energy work and many more. Some of which I will talk about below.

Disclaimer: The methods mentioned in this blog are ones I have discovered along the years, that of which combine tools (example: essential oils, crystals, vitamins, etc.) intended for use towards natural healing. I acknowledge everyone is different and that which works for me may not work for you. Through life experience and much received guidance on how to maintain a healthy life, this I share with you. Please note, I am not a Doctor nor do I claim to be. Questions or concerns? Comment below!

For information on how I got started with natural healing, see my blog post (to come).

Now on to, how to avoid falling victim to the flu. My roommate and I share a bathroom and both of our bedrooms are within a few short feet from each other. So when I received the text “I have Influenza A” I was in immediate reaction mode (fight or flight). It’s such a helpless feeling to just hope and pray not to get sick when there’s so much of that going around in the world. Surrounding it is fear. These methods can help you get your power back so that you too, won’t fall prey. Plus, if anything at least ease the mind.

Be sure to consult a Doctor before using any of these methods. Also, do your own research! The following are described as tried and true tips, based on my own personal (not professional) experience.

  1. EmergenC or a high dose of Vitamin C is my first priority in building a strong immunity to fight sickness. I always have Vitamin C on hand and use as a preventative and immunity builder.
  2. Colloidal Silver. Can be used to treat infection, viruses, bacteria and more. Found at almost all health food stores.
  3. Chiropractic Care. I’ve been an Applied Kinesiology patient for years now. Find a Chiropractor that addresses structural, biochemical, emotional and/or toxic imbalances to help aid in a healthier lifestyle. Are you in Colorado? If so, go visit Dr. Wendt at Life Wellness Center in Longmont.
  4. Essential Oils. I’ve used doTERRA for years now beginning when I had appendicitis. For sickness, OnGuard is my go to. OnGuard is a Protective Blend combined with multiple ‘hot’ oils that support healthy immunity, protect against environmental threats (illnesses), aid the body’s natural antioxidant defense and more. DoTERRA offers multiple OnGuard products but I use the essential oil and the Softgels the most. To browse other OnGuard products or doTERRA as a whole, click here!
  5. Elderberry syrup/concentrate/extract. Used as an immune booster, especially for cold and flu as well as respiratory. Can be found at almost all health food stores.
  6. Vitamins! Getting sick has to do with a number of things; exposure, hygiene, stress levels, internal health (immunity), exercise, etc. I’ve talked a lot about boosting immunity and as there are many factors that come in to play, another one to really focus on is nutrition! The vitamins I take daily are Omega3 (fish oil), probiotics and core level (multi-vitamin). I boost my vitamin intake a bit more during times of exposure as an added layer. Most of the vitamins I have I get from my Chiropractor but you can find the ones mentioned here at any health food store.

Other things to consider.

Yes, this routine can seem overwhelming but finding natural ways to avoid getting sick is something that is important to me. The following information may seem redundant but can also seriously impact your health and the health of others. Wash. Your. Hands. I cannot stress this enough! People, it’s easy. Not only will it help YOU stay healthy, it will help your family, friends, coworkers stay healthy too. Clean, clean clean! I live in a house with 2 roommates and 3 cats. Thankfully, my roommates are super respectful in this regard. The roommate that had the flu was pretty quarantined in her room, which helped to not spread it much to other places in the household. However, we share a bathroom and a kitchen. So after work each night, I disinfected the shared areas. Took me 3-5 minutes max to clean a bit and was not only piece of mind, but helped alleviate the virus in spreading further. Stay home. Have you ever had that coworker who shows up to work sick as a dog? Not only does that prolong your healing but it also puts others at risk. Same goes for kiddos at school, people out in public, family get togethers, etc. I realize some of it is unavoidable but please do yourself and all of us a favor and if you are sick, stay the hell home. Vaccinated? Surprisingly enough, I am NOT vaccinated (flu vaccination) nor do I plan to be. This has been a personal choice for years now. I realize this brings about a lot of skepticism from people, I get it, but to each their own. Surround yourself with a positive lifestyle. Boy does this make a difference! Exercise. Stress LESS. Give your body the fuel it needs, healthy eating. Rest easy. Stay hydrated, drink more water! Invest in your health today.


Thanks for reading! Do you have tips for combatting the flu? Share below!