Long Time Coming

I know it has been a few days but did not have much to write about this week. Spent Monday night at my work Going Away party which was a blast! Probably about 20 of us at Mike’s Wine Dive enjoying the good food and even better drinks, for some of us that is πŸ˜‰ lol.

Not quite sure what I did which days, they all kind of run together now, but spent some more time mentally preparing, running errands and getting as much out of the way in time for this last week.. Sent my “French” Birth Certificate off to get approved (required document for a few of the things I need over in Paris) and just hoping to get that back in time! Other than that I made about 6-7 copies of all the required documents I need to take with me and give to my school, my housing and etc and then made a copy of each to leave with my mom. I like to be prepared here! Went shopping one day for some more “Parisian” outfits and had some good luck with all of the awesome deals going on right now! I am not much of a shopper but I guess it was my lucky day πŸ™‚ Friday was my last night of work, bittersweet! I will dearly miss my work family but thankful for Facebook because that will be my main source of contact while abroad. Saturday I went and got my hair done for PARIS and then went and saw “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” which I might add was pretty darn good! Watched the WSU game (THEY WON) after with my dad and Lori then came home and got ready for my going away party with my girls! We went to Bella Vita and I will say if you have never been there you have got to put that on the bucket list. The best Italian food I have had to this day hands down! It is such a nice, quiet and fun place for a date or a night out with friends and family!

Went to see my brother today and ended up spending a good 2 hours with him just chatting away! Crazy to think I will not see him for a few months but I guess one of the many “see you laters” to come smhhh. My mom got home from her weekend getaway and we spent the afternoon catching up, took a lovely walk in the beautiful Kansas weather we had today and now settling in for a nice, relaxing evening of probably doing… NOTHING πŸ™‚ I do tend to appreciate doing nothing these days because my brain has been a tad overwhelmed so it is nice to just chill. I did happen to actually book my trip to Dublin, Ireland for St. Paddy’s Day weekend! I am super excited because one of my good friends Amber is going to join me In Dublin and Paris over her Spring Break at Wichita Stat! She will fly into Paris to meet me and then we will turn around and fly into Dublin, after dropping some of her stuff off at my place. When we return I will show her around the City of Love/Light/Fashion and so on, I am soooooo excited!!

I do have plans most days and nights this week that is why I tried to do as much last week as I could. Last minute errands and making sure I have all of the necessities to take with me as well as last minute appointments. My last time with my counselor, my kinesiologist and my massage therapist… sigh. At about 1am next Monday (Kansas time) I will be in Paris, can someone pinch me!? Still feels so surreal and yes I am still anxious, nervous, excited, happy, sad and all of the above! There definitely is a lot of letting go and just having faith that whatever is meant to happen will. In some instances the letting go is of things, friends and even family. It is time for me to spread my wings and fly!

I have a dream… and they do come true, depending on how bad you want it!



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