I have a DREAM

Today has been quite successful I might add! Wanted to write about everything so I did not happen to forget later on this week with everything going on. Went to lunch and saw family friends and then went to Dillon’s with a list FULL of necessities to get before Paris. Main reason behind that I hear it is much cheaper and if I have the room, why not! Some of the items included deodorant, bobby pins, notebook, pens and pencils, razors, shaving cream, Ibuprofen, sleep aid, and about 35 others… phew that is done. I can actually say I even packed it all in my medium size checked bag and I still have room! Also packed some of my books I wanted to take, I always prefer reading books instead of on iPad or Kindle, etc. As well as my prescription eye drops, contacts and much more.

A couple more errands to run for hair and face products while of course packing all the last minute everyday misc., but super glad that is all taken care of and so far so good πŸ™‚ Spent some time cleaning out my closet and filled 2 bags with clothes to give away. Organized a little and now my closet is ready for the new! Or maybe I shall just live with simplicity for a while, sounds lovely. I am super glad I have gotten so much out of the way before this last week. It really helps me to be able to stay centered, not stress out and just go with the flow all while enjoying the adventures. Plus it leaves room for last minute errands and hanging out with family all while staying… sane πŸ™‚ I mean do not get me wrong I have plans everyday this week but also enough time to just take care of me.

Tonight I have counseling for the last time. Chuck has grown to be like a father figure to me and we have spent almost 3 years together! So much in my life has changed the past 3 years and even before but Chuck has always been there to help guide me to the light. I chose to embark on this adventure for many reasons. Honestly this was the first dream/goal I have ever had. It feels good to find your worth and then the desire to spread that out in the world. The experience of new places, new people, new cultures and new ways of life can help to build an even stronger foundation. College started off rough for me and my GPA suffered the first 2 years but I have worked my butt off the past year and half to raise it enough to be able to make my dream come true, moving to Paris for a semester. A lot of people say I am lucky but truth be told, what is stopping you? There are a few people in my life I can say that always had faith in me and knew in many aspects, I was worth it and I could do anything that was true to my path. Now, I embark on this adventure to further strengthen my being and go beyond thy “self”.

Thank you for the light and love!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream Day
What is your dream?



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