Time Goes By

Time seems to be getting away from me now that classes have started up full-force. I had all of my classes last week so I was a busy bee to say the least! My schedule pretty much rocks though because I have managed to get Mondays and every other Friday off of school, whoop whoop! As far as classes go I have the following: International Business Practices, Managing People, Entrepreneurial Marketing, International Contract Negotiation, French Civilization and French language class. Each of these are worth 4 credits (in France) and only a mere 2 back home at Wichita State. Which I might add makes no sense because these classes are almost twice as hard! All in all they started off good. The classes here are set up differently then they are in the US, from what I have experienced. A lot of their work here is done in groups and off of notes given by the teacher, whereas back home notes are relayed from a textbook and then you may have 1 project in a group but the rest is individual work. Seeing how my degree is Management I think this will indeed be a good thing to learn while I am here!

In my Managing People class we are split into 2 groups, about 20 people in each group. We are to basically make up a company and manage it for the next 3 months. We have a CEO, Asst. CEO and then 4 managers. I just so happen to be 1 of the managers and the only International student who is one! No pressure right?! I am actually in charge of managing the Public Relations department of our group so wish me luck! I look forward to sharing more information about our “company” later on so you all can maybe start checking up on that as well πŸ™‚ In my Entrepreneurial Marketing class we are to choose a company we want to Market for the next 3 months. I must say I have not gotten into any of these kinds of classes back home so I will sure be learning quite a bit! As far as the other classes go they are a little more on the “easy” side compared to these 2 intense Masters classes but I have my work cut out for me in it all!

Last week I spent in class and then come Thursday a big group of the ERASMUS students went to a club called Mix Club. We definitely do not have clubs like that in Kansas! Pretty much 3 stories, huge dance floor, big DJ stand and all. I again skipped the drinks because this time they were 12 freaking euros instead and I am sorry I just do not give a sh*t to drink anything for that kind of money, unless it is a nice glass of wine or something πŸ˜‰ People here do not normally go out clubbing until Midnight or after so we all gathered in the Cambodge House in CitΓ© U (the house where I live) and pre-gamed. Here are a couple of pictures with my girls and I!

Adriana and I, she is from Mexico!

Persia and I, she is from Guyana!

I had a great night out with everyone! The girls and I only stayed out until about 1:30 because this girl needs her beauty rest. Most people wait until the metro starts running again in the mornings at around 6am to go home but I just cannot do that!

I spent the weekend resting, did not feel well for some of it (cold and/or allergies) but it was nice to be lazy and hang around my place. I also got some bedding and cleaned a lot so I feel much more comfortable here!

This weekend a couple girls that graduated a year younger than me are coming to Paris to visit! One of the girls lives in Germany and teaches English and her best friend is coming to visit her and Paris is on their list of places to visit so what better timing πŸ™‚ We will probably explore a lot which is a good thing because I have not done too terribly much of that yet. Should be a great time!

Next week I actually have Spring Break, my first one at least so I think I will be booking a trip to Germany for a few days! I also have planned a day trip to Champagne in March as well as my Ireland trip when Amber comes to visit me πŸ™‚ eeeek! A few other prospects as far as vacays go the next couple months I plan on visiting Italy with my mom on my 2nd Spring Break, Amsterdam, Spain, London and some more of France for sure. Hoping to see a lot of Europe during my time here of course.

I pretty much only have 3 months left of school, crazy because I technically just started but also exciting because the next 3 months will be full of adventures and then I will most likely be heading home the first part of June! Such a wonderful experience here so far πŸ™‚ OH OH I also got a French phone so for you iPhone users I can text anytime, unfortunately I was unaware that I cannot call the US or text anyone without an iPhone outside of France. Ehhh oh well! Feeling a little bit more connected now which definitely makes it easier talking to my friends that are here and making plans and also keeping in touch with my parents more.

Well I am off to do some homework, shower and watch a movie so God bless to you all! I will keep you updated later this week.


2 thoughts on “Time Goes By

  1. kelsey- yes time is going very fast and before you know it will be time to come home. was so much fun talking to you on Sat. people thought we were crazy we were laughing so much. hope you are feeling better. love you. grandma


    1. Hey grandma! Yes before I know it I will be home, thought about coming home over break next week but think I will stay here. Was feeling better yesterday but bad again today so hopefully I can kick this cold soon! Miss you guys, can’t wait to hang out when I get back and share all the laughter πŸ™‚ love you!


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