One Month Down

The weeks are beginning to fly by. I am officially on Spring Break this whole week! Rather odd seeing as how I just started classes 3 weeks ago but then again, who’s complaining?! The week was rather long, had 18 hours of classes so most of the time spent outside of class was just spent resting. I actually was a little sick last weekend, head cold stuff going on and that happened to carry through the week as well. Started taking some medicine and actually feel much better now. Been trying to get a head start on a lot of the projects I have to do this semester. I am in 2 Masters classes (Managing People and Entrepreneurial Marketing) so compared to back home they are quite a bit different then what I am used to. The plus side is that I am learning so much here just by all of the changes and differences!

A couple of my American friends were in Paris for the weekend from Germany. Steph lives in Germany and Hanna is visiting her for 2 weeks so they decided to make a trip to Paris! We met up at Moulin Rouge yesterday and walked around, ate lunch, chatted, laughed and then walked to La Seine River and saw the mini Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower of course! I enjoyed their company, it was nice having people from back home in EUROPE of all places 🙂 We did not end up meeting up last night because travel time sometimes is too much on metro, especially because it stops after Midnight but maybe during the break I will get the chance to go visit them!

A picture of us girls with the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

and again

Eiffel Tower with La Seine River

As far as today goes I think Persia and I will head to China Town, been craving my Chinese food, maybe go shopping a little bit and then I will probably top the night off with a movie. Now the rest of the week has quite the potential! Just have to figure out what I would like to do on my time off 🙂 I contemplated coming home almost everyday for the past week but that is such a long trip and would be pretty tiring I am sure. Most likely I will spend some time sight seeing and maybe even head somewhere for a couple days! This week is also Fashion Week in Paris so you know I have to go check that out!

A few fun “FACTS” about Paris, I will keep updating in time when I discover more!
*Drinks are ordered when food is ordered and served with the food or slightly before
*Whipped cream is AMAZING here, also known as Chantilly
*Pizza is always served with chili oil
*You have to cut your own pizza
*Always use fork and knife with pizza, eating with hands is so “American” ha
*American music is everywhere, on the metro, in clubs, restaurants, shops, etc.
*Mac computers are very popular, all the French kids in class have them
*French love Italian food, there are restaurants everywhere
*Everyone eats dessert with every meal, I am not kidding people
*Mushrooms are in everything, I am in heaven 🙂
*Always pour your own drinks
*Sometimes you will wait 30 minutes after you are done eating to receive your check, it is not looked down upon if you get up and go over to the waiter to pay

Hope you enjoyed those just as much as I do 🙂

Talk to you soon,


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