Mind, Body and Soul

Hey all! Not much has gone on this week but I have some time to chat (write) so just thought I would update you with what IS going on and what is to come! School has been good, working my butt off so much that I find myself stressed, totally not me lol. I have enjoyed the past 2 weekends just relaxing and catching up on the zzzz’s especially with all I do during the week with school. I started a tea detox early this week and I actually changed my eating as well. That has definitely helped me feel a lot “lighter” and keeps me healthy! For those of you interested, many have asked me about it, here is a pic. I have done this detox before and it helps work wonders when it comes to bloating and just feeling that awful winter heaviness hanging around. This girl is ready for Spring and Summer 🙂

photo (9)
Think healthy!

Speaking of Spring, the weather last week was a little bit cooler compared the weeks before BUT yesterday and today as well as the next weeks forecast is hopeful! I think Spring has arrived in Paris and I could not be happier, eeeeek! I actually only have 2 months left, seems so crazy to me. Things have definitely been more comfortable here the past few weeks but I will be happy to return to America again in a couple months. I am also excited to travel quite a bit this up and coming Spring. I have about 4-5 more places I MUST visit before I leave so I guess I better get to it! A new addition to the list is Greece, I am hoping to travel there after school gets out and have a lovely few days on the beautiful island of Santorini by myself 🙂 Barcelona is on the list as well, Amsterdam, Italy, London and then probably Normandy for D-DAY!!!! It’s official, I better get to it. Any other great ideas of where to travel or places that should be added to the list? Comment or let me know and I will look into it. Trying to do and see as much as I can since I am over here!

The weather has been beautiful this weekend and I have spent my time relaxing and making sure to get out and enjoy the sun too. Yesterday (Friday) I watched a lot of movies, I needed the mental relaxation (should have meditated or something) but then I took myself to a movie and treated myself with dinner. I just love some “me” time! It was a great day 🙂

Someone messaged me last night (Friday) and asked “how do you do it” I responded “do what” and then she stated “have so much fun by yourself” I couldn’t help but giggle. I never realized there are people out there that look up to me for that. I responded simply “I love myself, being alone is easy for me because of that”. Had not given it much thought before then but we got to chatting about the topic and it made me happy that I could spark the interest in someone else to want to be happy and loving of themselves as well, so that one day they too could have fun being alone. It truly warms my heart. Being over here I have begun the true path to finding out what my purpose in this life is. My heart radiates with love when I can give to others, help them on the path to enlightenment or self love, or just be a light in the darkness. That is one of my biggest life purposes, I know there will be more but right now I actually found a piece of myself! Feels good when you begin to figure out where you stand in this big world. Actually one of my favorite quotes is “When life gets to hard to stand… kneel”. I could not say it any better. Sometimes the only way we find ourselves is by losing one’s self. Sure it’s easy to live in the comfort of the known but for me I live off of the unknown, the mystery of what is to be and what can be. Been feeling a whole lot of happiness lately, hoping to spread it out in the world! Love to each and every one of you. Counting my blessings each and every day.

Off to do some studying and homework. Have a lighter week, only 4 classes YIPPEE! Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂 Talk to you soon




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