Spring, Sprang and Sprung

Oh April how I love thee! Just another update blog for all you blog readers. Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ I left off sometime last weekend so not much “fun” has gone on the past week but some of my regulars look forward to being up to date in the life of Kelsey. <<< Totally kidding although I know some of you really do enjoy reading my blogs!

Last week was an easier week like I had stated previously in my blog. Only 4 classes, 2 ended up being canceled and this girl missed out on the other 2 classes. Now before you jump to conclusions about me "skipping" I actually was sick all last week. I caught what I call Spring Fever. I typically get it every year around this time, the normal head cold due to the season changes. I was actually on bed rest Tuesday-Friday but am finally feeling 100% again! So during this downtime I tried doing some work and then relaxed and slept quite a bit. Speaking of work…

I actually thought something was wrong with my computer so I was checking it out mid-week and decided to “refresh” it thinking it was like any other refresh and would just check for bugs and fix it or REFRESH. Well not quite what happened. Ended up losing all of my Programs on my computer, sheesh! Extremely thankful I did not lose any files or pictures, at least not that I noticed. So I have spent the last few days trying to upload everything again, update, figure out and so forth. Man I am sooo not computer savvy. Actually could not do any work this weekend because of the malfunctions, even lost Microsoft Office.. smhhh. But I will say I was quite stressed yesterday about all of this. Having had so much down time from being sick and on bed rest but being “helpless” in some aspects I was fit to be tied! Today has been a fresh slate and I discovered Google docs, thanks to a lovely friend here. I actually cannot believe I did not think about that sooner, probably because I was not open to seeing that possibility having been so worked up. I tried to download Office a couple times yesterday. I bought the US version but I cannot download that in France. Well there is not a French version offered online so instead of going through the trouble of figuring all that shenanigans out here in Paris I am going with Google docs for the time being πŸ™‚ Thankful for the solution and now I am getting caught up on my work! Minus the little break I have taken to write for my favorite peeps πŸ˜‰

Saturday I started feeling about 75% better so I had to get out of my dorm. I went to eat lunch and stopped by Starbucks, shocker, to get my Iced tea! I was Skyping my mom when someone interrupted to ask “what part of the states are you from?”. This is a frequent question you might get asked here being an American. Seeing as how we are minorities over here I always jump on asking the same question when I hear an American accent. Funny thing is, I never thought I had an accent ha! Well we got to talking and then actually ended up walking around Paris the rest of the day. What better way to meet people than 5000 miles away from home!? I actually had a really nice time, having came to the recent conclusion I spend too much time alone. lol Weird right? Visited Notre Dame and the Locks of Love bridge, it was closed so I could not walk inside but I took some pretty neat pictures.

photo 3 (2)
The beautiful Notre Dame

photo 1 (2)
Locks of Love bridge with Notre Dame in the background

photo 2 (2)
Look at all that ❀

Sightseeing in Paris is never ending! I am always discovering something new and exciting in this beautiful city. I think a lot of other people are as well because I can officially say it is prime Tourism time here! The weekends have now become chaos in the metro and there are lines for most everything. The City of Love you have done it again with your charm πŸ˜‰ I actually never realized how many movies even talk about Paris or are even filmed in Paris. I saw the movie 3 Days to Kill yesterday and all of it was filmed here. I recognized almost everything in that movie. The coolest part was when Ethan, the dad, picked up his daughter from school he was actually picking her up from where I live!

CitΓ© Internationale Universitaire de Paris

Until we meet again. Off to finish some reports and projects this week and continue preparing for Break in 2 weeks. My mom will be here EEEEKKKKKKK! She is joining me in Paris and then we are off to Italy πŸ™‚ I am so excited to see her!!

We look nothing alike πŸ˜‰



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