A Life Worth Living

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers, moms, mums, and more! Wishing each of you a blessed day, thanks to you we all have life 🙂 I am pretty lucky with my mom, one very grateful daughter! Thank you mom for everything you do, I LOVE YOU! Cannot wait to get back and make many more memories together. Hope everyone has had a great week and weekend. I spent my time with some friends for my going away dinner on Friday and then was mostly lazy Saturday and today. Here are some pics from Friday in case you missed them on Facebook.

All of us

Felix and I
Felix and I, we lived in the same house

Chloe and I
My love Chloe

Meagan and I

Astri and I

Francesca, Persia and I ❤


Fran and I

My Scottish gals ❤

Had such an amazing time with these ladies, and Felix of course! I will be sad to leave them but we will always stay in touch, such wonderful people and friends I have made here 🙂

Crazy how time flies by… In a mere 4 1/2 days I will be heading to the airport and then on my way back to Kansas. A lot of people ask me if I am excited to leave Paris, that is a tough question. In only 4 months I have had the adventure of a lifetime, traveling Europe, meeting new people from all over the world, studying in another country, learning another language, living in a dorm (yes that is new to me), being 7 hours time difference from home, and exploring a new “me”. It has all been very exciting and even overwhelming at times. This has been the best experience I have had in my 23 years thus far and this is something I will cherish… forever. However, the fact that it is home I am heading to makes me excited. I am excited to be with my family again, see my friends and I look forward to a wonderful up and coming summer! I will be a busy bee as for I am taking 4 summer classes and currently on the prowl for a job that will work around that. Hoping to spend a few weekends at the lake, travel to a couple states and even make some more memories with loved ones 🙂

As I sit here in bed at 9pm reminiscing on the past 4 months and on the upcoming week, packing my life once again into 3 suitcases to venture 4700 miles it is bittersweet. What a great life, thankful for the opportunities taken and the ones I passed up because all of that led me here. Thankful for the strength I was given when leaving all I ever knew to live so far from home, thankful for the courage to have a dream, thankful for the passion and faith that always kept me going, and thankful for the love for life that made it all possible. I appreciate all of the support this year, I really am one lucky young lady. Thank you to each and every one of my blog followers, my family and my friends for supporting me during this experience! Hope to see some of you when I get back ❤

Love to all

What would my blog be without a little inspirational quote for you 😉



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