Italian Life

Hey all!! It’s been over a week since my last update but I have been a busy bee here in Italy. I arrived about 2 weeks ago and I just boarded a train to Pisa, about a 2 hour journey from Genova, so I have plenty of time to get everyone up to speed!


Most of my days are consumed with my cute kid, Filippo. We spend almost everyday together, other than my half days which fall on Monday or Wednesday and every Friday! A typical day in the life of Kelsey and Filippo consists of sleeping in until around 10 am, surprisingly enough Filippo usually sleeps longer than me! We then get breakfast ready, lately Filo (Filippo) has fallen in love with my scrambled eggs I make, personally they are nothing special but he just loves them. This morning for instance he bats his eyelashes at me and in his very Italian accent says “Can I please have eggs, the ones you sometimes make for me”. I am honored to say even in Italy my cooking is enjoyed, not that I do it often of course. The rest of our mornings are spent doing English homework, drawing or writing, and watching a movie/TV for a little bit. This usually takes us up until the time my host mom comes home and prepares lunch for all of us. We eat a lot of tomatoes, mozzarella, pasta and veggies! Other than when we go out altogether we typically eat at home, which is fine by me the meals are all wonderful! After lunch she takes Filo and I to the beach resort where we then relax, swim and play until the end of the day when we are picked up. The first day or two at the resort I got pretty burnt, shocker! I will tell you more about Italy and the beach resort later in the post. During the evenings I usually shower, lounge around, eat dinner with my host family and then enjoy my free time. I haven’t spent many evenings going around town because the town is actually about the size of Wichita, my hometown, and of course not driving makes it very difficult to get around or at least more time consuming. So I usually spend the weekends going around to different places and cities!


So far this has been a wonderful experience! A very busy one, but that’s pretty typical in Europe. I truly got blessed with a wonderful host family here, we have a great connection. The mom, Alessandra, speaks English very well and the dad, Tullio understands English a lot but is a little more uncomfortable speaking which I completely understand. My Italian consists of ciao and more ciao, that’s about it! Filippo understands English very well, he is sometimes just shy talking in English because he is afraid of messing up. I think they have thoroughly enjoyed working on improving their English, which is one of the main reasons for wanting an au pair. I really did get lucky, they are a very loving and kind family. I have talked to many au pairs here in Italy and have heard some horror stories about their families. So needless to say, thank you to my spirits, guides, and the Big Man for always looking out for me!


Fun facts of the day: (Please note the following are just general observations I have gathered about the culture of Italy and how different it can be from the U.S., plus I thought most of you would enjoying knowing some of these)

~Most Italians are very short, even guys. I tower over most Italian men and women by the long run. I have probably only seen 2 Italians over 6′ tall. Interesting eh???

~Italians love the sun and the sun loves them! I know this because I am the whitest one here and the sun and I do not have these mutual feelings towards each other.

~I thought bringing a one piece swimsuit to Italy would be very considerate as I would be around kids all day. WRONG, pretty much everyone wears a swimsuit 2 sizes too small and all of the guys wear speedos. I was not prepared for this one! YIKES

~Pasta is served as a starter course here, not a main meal as it is in The States. You then order a main course as well and don’t forget about dessert! WARNING: This does not include the gelato you will inevitably consume after all of this.

~I cannot stress enough how crazy Italian drivers are! Ultimately, I think this is a European thing because each city I have been to just blows my mind. I have yet to see a car accident or people being pulled over. We need to catch up America, what are we thinking?! There is no such thing as a speed limit or anything of the sort and if there is I have yet to see it being taken into account!

~Not all Italians know English, especially in Genova. There is quite the language barrier for me here in Italy. I find myself speaking or responding in French quite often, I guess out of habit? I will admit this does make things a bit more difficult and a lot less fun when making friends is not so easy but it’s all about the beauty of the culture right!? 🙂

~Some of you may remember me posting about this in Paris. In Italy Coca Cola is served with a lemon. I finally found out the reason for this the other night when I was talking to my family about it. The acidity in the lemon helps with digestion, weird huh!?

For right now that is all I can think of! Will add more later. I will also post about my trip to Rome in a couple of days along with pictures. I am almost to Pisa so I better go! Definitely enjoying the view ❤

Train to Pisa


Good news!! I return home next week, about halfway through my time here. Why? Well as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here thus far I am excited to get back home and spend some time relaxing. Life has been crazy the past few months, especially spending so much time working towards getting my degree and then graduating. So needless to say I am very sad to be leaving such a wonderful family and beautiful country but I must take care of myself and right now what I am needing is some quality me time and a bit of a break.



Love to you all!! Will post again real soon



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