Spring Break, Paris style

Well fellow bloggers or blog readers it has been quite a lovely week I must say! Had my first Spring Break in Paris, minus the “spring” weather but needless to say I have enjoyed well.. being lazy 🙂 I have had quite the spark of interest in watching all my favorite childhood movies again that I have not seen in years. So far I have watched The Little Mermaid (1 and 2), Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and now working on the Lion King 2. Brings back such wonderful memories 🙂 One thing I thought that was rather cool is the amount of French words that were spoken in Beauty and the Beast and even the Little Mermaid. Who would have ever thought?! As a little kid I paid no mind, but now that I am in Paris and studying French I tend to notice things like that! Beauty and the Beast is a French specialty so that came to no surprise after I had discovered that. When it comes to movies I love all of them, except for the scary movies. I have always firmly believed why must I watch those movies in seeking the thrill and then be afraid afterwards and all throughout life? Just never was my fancy! But look at me watching all of the “fairy tale” movies, a girl can dream right!? 🙂

Besides watching movies I have been quite productive. Did all my laundry, have cooked almost everyday, and even cleaned my dorm room! As well as some homework everyday. I have been trying to keep up on my Managing People project. Running a business, or building, is no easy task needless to say! Right now we are trying to finish our Business Plan and then make Presentations and start accumulating meetings with sponsors for the upcoming weeks. It is quite amazing though, we have prospects that think we will succeed in this project far beyond just the class. Who knows, maybe this will be the next hot “app”. I told you I have dreams right! It is funny my French classmates tell me I am so “American” with my big dreams and all 🙂 haha That is after all why I am here HELLO!!

After meeting up with a girl in my group today at Opéra she showed me around. I have officially fell in love with Paris again! Opéra has got to be one of my favorite parts of Paris so far. There were stores that lined the streets, department stores like you wouldn’t believe! I do not even care to shop and this girl was in heaven. She also took me to a famous macaroon shop in Paris called Ladurée. I must say I have never been a huge fan of macaroons but that just so happened to go down in history today, I LOVE THEM! See 🙂


I am going back to Opéra tomorrow with Ariana so there will definitely be more pics to come! Hope everyone is having a great week. Will catch up with you this weekend.



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